European omnichannel and the impact on logistics

European Omnichannel and the impact on logistics – which countries logistics markets will be next to benefit from the growth in online sales?

Whilst retailers were enjoying their golden age, consumerism has given rise to new and wider expectations from shoppers. Internet of Things, augmented reality, artificial intelligence and 3D printing have all in some ways marginalised the retail industry.

Today’s consumers have the ability to amass all the necessary information and knowledge to make a purchase decision on their own, most notably with online reviews becoming the Holy Grail for customers to seek out “impartial” feedback on brands. With the customer empowered more than ever, the iron triangle concept of “Fast, cheap, and good, pick any two.” no longer holds and is fading into an old cliché. Consumers want it all, which is forcing retailers to above and beyond, when it comes to their offering.

What does it mean for the industry? Retail and logistics will have to merge to make the most out of the opportunities triggered by new consumer’s habits, notably in order to surf on the ecommerce wave. For its first omnichannel report, Savills looked into various indicators and metrics to identify where in Europe, this merge is most imminent.